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More Than a Just a Shop!

Deborah Grace talks to Shop Manager and Reach Out Co-founder, Becky Elliott

My First Month with Reach Out

My name is Alison (Ally to my friends) I started as Project Manager with ROC, a month ago. What a month it has been! I thought I would write this to introduce myself to you and also give you a little insight into how my first month has been.  I  have been in the homeless sector for 10 years, working on various projects with a number of organisations (as both volunteer and staff member) including the winter night shelters, a community food […]

Reaching out Further with the Rev Ellie Trimble and the Church of the Apostles

On Saturday 4th July I visited an unassuming church in the middle of a housing estate. This is the epicentre for providing meals to the hotels that house the homeless during this pandemic. It is a well-organised operation, where everybody has their own job to do. The work is carried out by staff from Reach Out to the Community and the Church of the Apostles,  with around 18 volunteers, including professional chefs that have been furloughed from their day jobs. All the […]

When Life Gives You Lemons….

  by Ellie Murphy Despite our lively Reach Out To The Community Shop being closed for over three weeks now, there is still an incredible amount of work being done for the community behind closed doors, due to the CO-VID 19 pandemic. As everyone knows, this has been a massive shock nationwide, however our team, volunteers and the community have demonstrated a fantastic response to the outbreak to support the homeless sector more so than ever before. The ever-popular independent […]

Reaching Further

By Linsey Parkinson A government announcement that local authorities should house all rough sleepers hasn’t ‘fixed’ the problem of homelessness, even temporarily. People are still on the streets and at risk and Reach Out to the Community’s Stephanie Moore (above, second from the right) has found that the team is busier than ever. “There are still lots of rough sleepers out there and it’s down to a combination of issues,” she says. “We’re doing regular outreach and welfare checks and referring as many people indoors as we can, but finding someone […]