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I started volunteering eight years ago and have worked with several homeless charities. I soon realised that, within the homeless community, the problem was much more complex than just food.

This is the reason that I am with ROC as they provide the full wrap-around service – helping people to get into accommodation and then continuing to support them going forward.

I have several roles, which include working in the charity shop, collecting and delivering donations and doing the day-to-day admin for the charity.

On a more personal note I have health problems and was forced to give up work. This was a major blow, and sitting at home was affecting my mental health. Volunteering, when I am well enough, has given me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I have become more confident in my role and am now doing some outreach work.

I’ve recently changed my role on the board of trustees and I’m now the Chair. I am throughly enjoying this role.

As the charity grows day by day, we’re always looking for more volunteers and would highly recommend joining our team. You really can make a difference for those less fortunate than ourselves