I first started volunteering for a homeless organisation in 2013, back then I used to give out hot meals & clothing to rough sleepers in South Manchester & around the City Centre. However I started to question if this actually enabling rough sleeping. So I decided I needed to change that…

I’d known Steph & Becky for years and when I first heard that they’d set up the amazing Reach Out To The Community, I knew that was the kind of charity work I’d like to get involved in, as they provide long-term help & support in getting people off the streets, in to accommodation and provide ongoing support so they stay there. 

RoC are brilliant; it’s run by like-minded people that are making a HUGE difference to people’s lives. The dedication from all RoC’s volunteers is admirable to see.

It’s unfortunate that groups like RoC exist; but thank goodness they do. They really are turning peoples lives around & I for one am so proud to volunteering for such an amazing charity.

Peace & Love

Sarah x